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Mixed Race Bathing in East Tennessee

Winter Begins

It does no good to scream; with one wet syllable, winter can white out your words. “Move! Move!” The ghost baton finds all the skin that it needs. “War’s not worth the weight of sleet,” shrug the trees, “Just drop your leaves and go.” The wind will not negotiate; it speaks through a bullhorn: “Don’t…


The difference between a content-creator And a poet Is basically the same as The difference between a vibrator And a penis; I wish my penis had a button That could generate buzz.


Oh Cubanita You have taught me So much about How to dance. How is it possible To beat the air With your hips Like that? How can you be Every drum In the song At the same time? And that white Dress that makes Me tremble When you swing it Side to side Like it’s…

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